EFT Tapping and the Law of Attraction

eft tapping and the  law of attraction

EFT Tapping and the  The Law of Attraction work well together. If you have worked with the Law of Attraction you probably have thought about the deeper questions that occupy you along your life’s path. These are questions about the world and yourself within it.

Most of us have grappled with the difference of what we were spoon fed as children, what our friends, teachers and religious leaders have taught us about the world, and the truths that emerge for us as we forge our own identities. Perhaps your family believed that when bad things happened to them it was merely chance, or they told you that adversity in your life was “retribution”, for your behavior or shortcomings. Or maybe you were raised in a family who helped you question your interactions with the world and it’s circumstances, and how they come together.

EFT Tapping and the Law of Attraction

Perhaps you’ve come to this site because you’ve been feeling that you want more choice in how your life proceeds. Maybe you’ve tried to effect some change but it hasn’t been as effective as you’d like, and you’re not sure what’s getting in the way. Or, you may possibly want to change of your life’s direction, discover yourself more deeply, or even heal some distress you may be feeling right now. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place! EFT tapping and the law of attraction does work

EFT is a user-friendly healing tool releasing old, blocked energy, allowing deep and lasting healing to take place.   EFT facilitates the unwinding of old, negative belief systems that keep us stuck in repetitive cycles, often contributing to feelings of low self-esteem, immobility, frustration and pain. With swift progress, EFT ultimately accesses your shining being that’s waiting to be freed from the limiting beliefs of world and self.

Each time you experience a trauma or an unpleasant event, whether physical or mental, spiritual or emotional, your energy system can be disrupted. Unless the resulting imbalance is restored, an energy pathway can eventually become blocked. This “block”, which occurs in the energy pathways (meridians), can result in ongoing negative emotions, held long after the memory of the original trauma wears away. These negative emotions may manifest in the present as unwanted fear, anxiety, depression or in severe cases PTSD symptoms.

These phenomena can end up affecting our lives by holding us back, due to the limiting beliefs created in response to the original disruption. It is the choices we make from these limited beliefs (created to protect us from the original trauma) that can constrict us from living fully for years to come.

These energy blocks can also be at the root of much chronic pain, and physical distress. Un-dealt with negative emotions, if not worked through, may then finally have their “say” by manifesting in physical dis-ease such as: asthma, migraines, ulcers, chronic fatigue and even more serious illnesses.

We all know that stress can cause illness (see Stress, Inflammation and Illness). The stress we hold in our “body-mind”, whether conscious or not, affects our health on a continual basis; like malware running in the background of a computer.

Our beings are programmed toward healing, and symptoms of distress are signals that something needs tending to. If the call is not heeded on an energetic or emotional level, issues may emerge in physical form. When this happens, the Being is using the only voice left with which to notify the whole system, undeniable physical distress. In essence, UNRESOLVED NEGATIVE EMOTIONS CAN AND OFTEN DO MAKE US ILL.

EFT functions with a delicate Chi energy flowing through the body, to enable rapid, effortless and lasting change.

EFT is Easy To Learn

Anyone can learn the tapping points in minutes. There are fourteen of them around the eyes and hands, the nose and mouth, and the shoulders and chest. Once you learn how to use the techniques to address your personal issues, you can use it anytime, anywhere, and as much as you want. There are no negative side effects with EFT. Only an increased sense of freedom, joy and promise in your life!

EFT Tapping and the Law of Attraction: Creating a Joyful And Fulfilling Life

Discover EFT for yourself! Click on the Tapping Points button to find a diagram of where to tap. You can print the diagram for yourself to refer to it as you learn.  You will also find a video in 2 parts on this website. It will  lead you through  simple issues. Try it.

EFT is user friendly, and you can quickly learn and achieve excellent results. You may find, however, that you need a little help staying focused, making connections to core issues. You may need assistance in bringing forth fresh ideas and new possibilities for  your life. When you’re ready to work with someone to guide and support you, I offer you my services as an experienced practitioner and licensed psychotherapist. I have years of experience, skill, compassion and success. (visit Why You Need An Experienced Practitioner).

EFT Tapping and the Law of Attraction: Using EFT For Abundance

EFT is used not only to clear out old limiting beliefs, but also to “tap-in” , figuratively as well as literally, positive desires and choices. Once the  long-held doubts and limiting beliefs are cleared, a new sense of possibility will open to you. This new openness coupled with the application of the Law of Attraction becomes a fertile ground for building new pathways. Ultimately, EFT strengthens your purpose and brings you success. EFT draws to you by attraction good relationships, success in career, new love and right livelihood.

I look forward to working with you.

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and a Certified EFT Practitioner, and Trainer

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