EFT Tapping Points Chart

This EFT Tapping Points Chart uses the same pathways (Meridians) as acupuncture or acupressure.

These meridians carry the invisible flow of Qi or Chi energy, the very human life force. Though it is invisible to most people, it can be “felt” by trainer practitioners and is actually now measurable with modern technology.

At times, due to an emotional or physical trauma, the meridian pathways may become blocked, causing an imbalance with too much or too little energy getting to the systems that the meridians feed.

EFT taps on 10-14 major points along the meridian pathways that feed most of the systems. All of this and without needles!

Tapping Sequence Guide

TheEFT tapping points chart shows how a tapping point corresponds with an energy meridian in the body. For example, the under eye point equals the stomach. The side eye point equals the gall bladder. For more on this you can visit here.

EFT Tapping Points Chart

eft tapping points chart

Tender Spot: Neuro-Lymphatic point  OR
Karate Chop: Small Intestine
Beg. of Eyebrow: Bladder
Side of Eye: Gall Bladder
Under Eye: Stomach
Under Nose & Chin: Central Vessel
Collar Bone:(K27) Kidney
Under Arms: Spleen
Below Nipple: Liver
Three Wrist Points: Triple Heater 8
Top of Head: GV 20