EFT Training Workshop: Why You Need a Trained Practitioner

eft training workshopPractice and Guidance

eft training workshopYou can  download this free 79-page basic EFT manual located on Gary Craig’s website.  Gary Craig founded EFT. His manual clearly and simply explains the philosophy and techniques of EFT. This is a core part of all Meridian Tapping Techniques.  The site offers an enormous archive of information including training videos, plus case studies and testimonials by EFT practitioners worldwide.

EFT Practitioner Training

After achieving a basic understanding of the tapping techniques, then you need attend an EFT training workshop. If you want to work with others, it is important to practice with all kinds of issues and people. You’ll find this work to be more complex, fascinating and multi-faceted than you can imagine. That is how an EFT training workshop can help you.

Working with a trained EFT Practitioner is not only useful but often essential. Lynn can assist you in eliminating your unwanted issues and moving towards a freer and more expansive life. She also has years of experience supervising interns and is adept at teaching the nuances of working with others.

EFT Training Workshop

It only takes a few minutes to learn the tapping basics and start reaping the benefits of this amazing tool that can change your life! You can begin to learn EFT & other meridian tapping techniques from this website (see tapping points and view video).  For deeper personal learning, or taking an EFT Training workshop with Lynn, please  go here, and here.

Once you have the foundations of the tapping techniques and its application, practice and experience are essential to develop your intuition and technique. If you want to share this amazing gift by working with clients, it is highly recommended that you take formal classes that offer didactic as well as supervised experiential learning.

Lynn teaches Levels I and II twice a year in Novato, CA., USA.

The cost is $125 for Level I (one day) and $265 for Level II (two days).

After mastering Levels I and II, if you decide you’re still interested in working with others, it will be important to get lots of practice. Indeed, if you should seek accreditation, there will be a requirement of at least four case studies and several hours of supervision to become eligible to take the exam. You’ll find this work to be more complex, fascinating and multi-faceted and powerful than you can imagine.

As a licensed Psychotherapist, Lynn has years of experience supervising interns, and is adept at teaching the nuances of working with others. She has been teaching EFT for five years in the United States and South Africa. She uses it in her work as a clinical director.