Healing Past Life Wounds: Genetics and Health

healing past life wounds

EFT and Epigenetics

Healing past life wounds. This is what epigenetics is about. By changing our thoughts , changing what we say and re-directing the actions that we perform, we can cause real change in our inner emotional realm. Thus we essentially bring about more choice as to what’s contained in our inner emotional feedback loop. There is a maxim  that states: “neurons that fire together, wire together”.

Genetics and Health: Aren’t We Limited by the DNA We Inherited?

From the 1950’s through the end of the last century, media regaled the public with ever more “important genetic discoveries”.  We were told that we would surely uncover, name and treat and heal inherited diseases. The race to discover genetic coding was on.

Watson, Crick and Wilkins were household names. They were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962 for their discovery of DNA. Though not the first to discover the building blocks of this helix, they were certainly the ones made famous by winning the prize. The double helix towered over the fields of medicine and physiology. The promise  was born of finding and eventually creating medicine for inherited diseases. The central belief DNA theory concerned the helix within the nucleus of a cell. It was the building block of life itself; it was actually the brain of that cell;  it was  unchangeable, immutable and primary.

Enter: The Human Genome Project.  Its goal was to determine the sequences of chemical base pairs which make up human DNA.

In the same era, early stem cell research was being conducted by a few different scientific researchers. It had less support, and mostly was overlooked by the mainstream. A few cell biologists postulated that DNA wasn’t actually the necessary and sole determinant of our futures.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist performing such research with Dr. Irv Konigsberg proved repeatedly that cells could change influenced the environment they were placed in. Their experiments proved that the membrane, the part of the cell that surrounds the plasma and has receptors for many chemicals found in their environment, communicates to the cell itself in response to environmental change.

Their findings pointed clearly to the conclusion that a cell’s life is not determined wholly by its DNA. The DNA, it seems, is merely an architectural blueprint of its own reproduction. Influences from outside (like the actual building of a house its blueprint is based upon) have just as much influence on how the cell develops.

There are actually phenomena visible, without the aid of a microscope, that can show us how our cells and our bodies can be influenced inter-generationally from the outside in.

Take for instance the man whose scar on his left leg is in the exact same place as where his grandfather was shot in the First World War. Or the woman who has a mole behind her ear in the same place where her grandfather sustained an arrow wound, long before she was born. This is what we call healing past life wounds.

Dr. Ian Stevenson has done extensive peer reviewed studies on birthmarks and their correspondence with past life injuries, demonstrating the influences that outside events can have on the human body.

The point here is to point to the effects that the environment can have on the DNA itself. The kind of change affecting the body that isn’t directed from our DNA, but appears to actually influence its makeup. This is another proof that our destiny is not subject to an immutable determinant.

Healing Past Life Wounds: The Power of the Mind To Change from Within

Findings in neuroscience over the past couple of decades have shown us that the brain itself is not static, that it is in fact “re-wireable”.  Neuroplasticity, a term neuroscience coined for just this phenomenon, explains that we have the ability to restructure our brains with the thoughts we think. Each thought, negative, positive or neutral, bathes our neurons (brain cells) in an environment of changing bio-chemicals. Our cell’s membranes, which hold all the receptors for those bio-chemicals, responds with each change, communicating to our neurons the state of its environment at any given time. Like a feedback loop, each thought and corresponding emotion we reproduce create more of the same thoughts and emotions, continually affecting the cells throughout the body.

By altering what we think, say and do, we can effect very real change on our inner emotional world. We call this healing past life wounds. Essentially we create more choice as to what’s contained in our inner emotional feedback loop. The saying that “neurons that fire together, wire together” describes this state.

Cell biologist and epigenetics advocate Dr. Bruce Lipton is says: “Miracles, such as sudden healing from cancer…. are actually events that science does not understand yet. By changing our perceptions of life, we can reprogram our cells”. This he says is the outworking of epigenetic mechanisms.

But can we change our thoughts like that? If it’s that easy, why can’t we just think of nice things?

Conscious thoughts are only a tiny piece of how we perceive and can affect our world. Our subconscious thoughts make up to 95% of our beliefs and perceptions.  The emotions embedded within our limbic memories are a crucial key to unlocking habitual patterns long ago created to protect us from further pain.

To access faulty perceptions, old learning and negative belief systems, they must be elicited through the limbic system for change to be able to take place. Also crucial is the elucidation of old beliefs, as well as the pairing with current (usually incongruent) reality.

The Skillful EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting  are highly effective techniques for working with the core belief systems embedded within the subconscious. By using gentle, focused inquiry to elicit the emotions and sensations of old memories, and simultaneously tapping on the points, the neural pathways in the limbic system are “opened”, and a period of rewiring opportunity arises.

EFT Incorporates The Following Components To Ensure Neural Rewiring Takes Place

a) Calm down the nervous system by tapping on the points, thereby neutralizing the energetic stress response, interrupting the activating feedback loop, and allowing for new experiences to be accessed.

b) Discover the original coping belief, with the intention of “mismatching” the old belief with a new one, thus creating a cognitive dissonance as it forces the brain to make a new choice based on current information.

c) Continued tapping on the original belief along with the new incoming information, to allow for permanent transformational healing.

EFT not only uses knowledge gained from the cutting edge of neuroscience, it is fast, gentle and effective. The only thing to lose is your limitations.