History and Science of EFT

history and science of eft

History of Meridian Tapping

In the history and science of EFT,  the first developed meridian technique in modern western therapy was  TFT , Thought Field Therapy. It was founded by Dr. Roger Callahan. Gary Craig who studied with Dr. Callahan, created a more streamlined and user-friendly version called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. It  is more widely used, and it is employed with great effectiveness.

History and Science of EFT

EFT is one of the methods in which Lynn Robinson has trained at length. Unlike acupuncture, the meridian tapping technique is needle-free! You simply tap or touch very lightly on specific points, mostly around the upper body and face. This tapping sends impulses throughout the corresponding meridians. By performing this systematic stimulation/ tapping (there are 14 points in all) while addressing a specific problem, the emotional issue is relieved. That is essentially the history and science of EFT.

This simple process balances and re-energizes the meridian system, often in a matter of minutes. It  clears  often long-held blockages.  It dissipates  negative emotions in the process. Meridian tapping  techniques  address both physical as well as emotional challenges. These can include anger, frustration, stress, anxiety, fear, grief etc.  It is immediately effective in recent as well as chronic conditions.