Testimonials Page For Mindful EFT

Testimonials Page For Mindful EFT

This testimonials page for Mindful EFT covers the work of Lynn Robinson, especially the experience students had in her Pro EFT Practitioner classes. If you are interested in deeper study of emotional freedom technique, we recommend that you take these classes. 

Thank you both for am amazing experience. I walked away from last weekend a transformed being. Awesome!  I not only dissolved some “heavy baggage” but also felt the freedom to make mistakes, not be perfect, and really learn something new without pressure. Thank you both for creating a safe environment for that “magic” to happen.

With love and appreciation

“Thank you so much for all your guidance and support this weekend! It was a 10 for me.

You and Lynn are a great combination of teaching styles and I felt so completely served and taken care of. Your styles complemented each other so beautifully! You are both such a class act and I highly recommend this work and the both of you for anyone interested in growing personally. I suggest adding it to one’s line of work, in service to the world.

This work is amazing AND effective and I will continue to integrate it in my life.”

Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful weekend. Attending the level 1 day was WAAAY more enjoyable than watching videos online by myself at home.

I really appreciated what you brought to sharing the work, especially the openness and humility you showed as an instructor.

Thank you for holding space for such a wonderful, transformational weekend.

I met Lynn at a professional conference, and had the great fortune of her working with me on a personal issue. As a psychotherapist, I truly can appreciate how elegantly Lynn blended her psychotherapy skills (she is a Liscensed Therapist in California) with her Energy Psychology skills, specifically Meridian Tapping Techniques. I experienced Lynn’s true gift in working with people. Lynn is compassionate, intuitive, wise, sincere and very skilled. She is a therapist who who brings clarity and heart to her sessions. Her years of experience were evident. I was grateful to be able to continue working with her, post conference, to see my issue through.

Zo Rabinowitz, MSW, ACSW, MEd, BDiv., Colorado

“Lynne is a very skilled and intuitive EFT practitioner. She made me feel very safe and comfortable exploring the most sensitive of issues with her warm and nurturing approach. I felt tremendous relief and clarity after our sessions and was able to let go of many of my fears and long held sadness that were holding me back from moving forward in my life. I left our sessions with a lovely feeling of peace and well-being that I’m looking forward to expanding upon in future sessions. Thank you Lynne, it is a pleasure working with you.” Diane Kluft, Novato, CA

Lynn Robinson facilitated my sessions with a skillful command of the EFT process and with the utmost sensitivity and compassion. She engenders trust and safety and encouraged me to co-participate in the process, adding language that made it very specific to my issues and purpose and very authentic for me. The sessions I’ve had with her had very positive results in terms of resolving the issues and experiences that we dealt and relieving emotional burdens.
Phyllis K. F.

As an EFT/MTT practitioner myself I connected with Lynn during professional EFT/MTT trainings and workshops a couple of years ago. Ever since I am inspired by her skillfulness from years of experience as a therapist, and love how she choses to combine that skillfully with the power of EFT/MTT. Every time I see her she seems to be telling me about another wonderful MTT tool or resource she has discovered – definitely a practitioner with a lot of tools available in her toolbox. Thanks for all your beautiful work, Lynn! Blessings
Heike, S.F. California

Lynn’s teaching style is very thorough and specific. She is very open and creates a safe learning environment, which is very important to me.

The workshops gave me amazing tools that I will use for the rest of my life when I need help to feel calm, or deal with overwhelming emotions. Lynn explains how to apply EFT in a very detailed and user-friendly way. She made it very easy to understand and fun at the same time. Lynn walked me through step-by-step on how to do EFT using demonstrations handouts an engaging PowerPoint presentation and hands on practice.

In working with Lynn as a practitioner, I find her to have a lot of patience, compassion and a warm heart.

Ms. S. Monterey 

I’ve observed Lynn’s teaching many times over the years. She has received glowing feedback about her teaching style in our trainings from our student evaluations. She is very present when she teaches and the students feel heard and listened to. Lynn knows the material and can answer the students’ questions thoroughly. She is very funny and can put the class at ease. Lynn is a natural communicator, she genuinely loves people and has a lot of patience. She knows how to use various learning styles to get her point across in an interesting, engaging and inclusive way.

Z. Master EFT Practitioner, San Rafael, CA